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18.12.2021: Update to

• Spelling corrections in some languages
• Fixed glitches and weird behavior when placing a shortcut via drag and drop
• Potential fix for starting parallel apps
• Fix for drag and drop causing crashes or inconsistencies of the data in rare cases
• Fixed search not allowing to start all elements
• Fix for wallpaper not changing when switched to live wallpaper
• Added support for KWLP wallpaper and wallpaper clicks in general
• Fixed/Improved adding shortcuts/widgets via drag and drop from other apps

20.11.2021: Update to

• Added support for polish language
• Improved search to ignore umlauts for easier searches
• Fixed strange behavior of folders when they contain a lot of items
• The blurred wallpaper now aligns correctly on tablets in landscape mode
• Hidden and Removed Apps/Shortcuts/Contacts are now removed from search history correctly
• Fixed some rare crashes regarding backups
• Fixed permission request for admin rights to lock screen on pre Android 0 devices
• Added option for fixing the scaled wallpaper background
• Fixed white bar at blurred dock background
• Several alignment fixes of the blurred background
• Content of home screen now adapts correctly to the size of the dock
• Fix for the search function not working from time to time
• Fixed date not being updated in the clock when only the date is shown
• Fixed missing translation for German language
• Fixed some wrong colors in dialogs for apps, shortcuts and folders

04.11.2021: Updates 1.3.0 to

• Updated handling of access to accessibility service
• Improved search functionaliy (ignoring umlauts)
• Improved alignment of the blurred wallpaper on Android 11+
• Added option to choose app to open when clicking on the time of the clock
• Reduced memory usage of widget selection screen
• The settings for the Dock are now in a separate folder
• Adjusted padding for folders without item labels
• Gesture settings now show the app/shortcut/setting/contact they are assigned to
• Performance Improvements
• Bug fixes

03.07.2021: Update to 1.3.0

• Added option to customize shortcuts
• Added five new icon shapes
• Added option to hide page indicators
• Added option to hide app labels in favorites screen
• Deleting an entry can now be undone
• Individual custom app icons are now possible in the free version
• Performance Improvements
• Bug fixes

07.03.2021: Updates 1.2.1 to

• Performance Improvements
• Bug fixes

28.02.2021: Update to 1.2.0

• Added option to hide the dock
• Added option to hide the status bar
• The search bar can now be placed at the bottom
• You can now remove and exclude apps from the favorites
• Added option for multiple lines for app labels
• Performance Improvements
• Bug fixes

15.02.2021: Open Beta for Lynx Launcher

You are now able to get the latest features of Lynx Launcher earlier by joining the open Beta-Test group. Please keep in mind that there can still be undiscovered bugs or incomplete translations in the beta version.

13.02.2021: Lynx Launcher now has a Discord Community

Discuss topics related to Lynx Launcher, share your screen or get help in the new Discord community.

24.01.2021: Update to 1.1.5

• Performance Improvements
• Bug fixes

31.12.2020: New Theme released!

A new theme has been released for Lynx Launcher!
The new theme is called Minty Theme for Lynx Launcher:

The Minty Theme is held in minty green colors and is inspired by the design of the Linux Mint Desktop Environment

12.12.2020: Update to

• Added many new actions to perform with gestures
• Bug fixes

06.12.2020: New Theme released!

A new theme has been released for Lynx Launcher!
The new theme is called Color Theme Blue & Terracotta for Lynx Launcher:

This theme contains two color variations of the standard theme. One theme with blueish colors and one theme with terracotta and reddish colors.

15.11.2020: Update to 1.1.4

• You can now place all elements on the home screen
• Bug fixes

03.11.2020: Update to 1.1.3

• Added support for work profiles
• Bug fixes

When you have a phone with a profile managed by your company, you can now fully use Lynx Launcher as your Home Screen. Including multiple settings specifically for work profiles

16.10.2020: Update to 1.1.2

• Bug fixes

13.10.2020: Update to 1.1.1

• Improved search function
• Bug fixes

07.09.2020: Update to 1.1.0

• Added double tab gesture
• Added option to lock screen via gesture
• Added "Ecosia" as online search option
• Added search option for custom app icons from icon pack
• Added option to lock the desktops from editing
• Added option to scroll by page in the All Apps screen
• Bug fixes

25.05.2020: Update to 1.0.8

• Improved loading times
• Fixes for icons and touch interaction on some devices
• Fixed installed themes appearing multiple times

18.05.2020: Update to 1.0.7

• Fix of regression bug

11.05.2020: Update to 1.0.6

• Fixed crash for contacts on favorites screen (again)
• Fixed resorting widgets on the desktop in the wrong size

11.05.2020: Update to 1.0.5

• Fixed crash while switching to certain icon themes
• Contact icons shapes now take icon shape setting into account
• Setting icons shapes now take icon shape setting into account
• Change launcher app option is now always available in the settings

25.04.2020: Bugfix update to 1.0.4

• Fixed crash for certain Adaptive Icons
• Improved memory management
• Improved support for tablets

19.04.2020: Update to 1.0.3

• Updated Privacy Policy and EULA (typo fixes)
• Fixed crash for Dark Mode -At Night- for pre Pie devices
• Fixed crash for voice search
• Added full support for RTL layouts

12.04.2020: Bugfix update to 1.0.2/1.0.1

A bugfix update has been released for Lynx Launcher. Following bugs have been fixed:

• Fixed drag and drop for dock
• Fixed solving option for missing notification permission
• Fixed bug in purchase verification
• Fixed scrolling of widgets on the desktops

11.04.2020: First two themes released!

Just in time for the public release of Lynx Launcher two themes have also been finished that you can use right away!

The first of the themes is called Simple Theme for Lynx Launcher:

A simple theme for the Lynx Launcher Application. This theme used cubic shapes and straight lines for a defined user interface.

The second theme is the Shell Theme for Lynx Launcher:

A theme for the Lynx Launcher Application inspired by the look of the Gnome Desktop for Linux. It features smooth colors and shapes and colors that are easy on the eyes.

11.04.2020: Initial Release!

Today, Lynx Launcher has finally been released to the public!

Get it now from Google Play: