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Lynx Launcher is your fast, small and customizable homescreen alternative for Android
Inspired by the Gnome Desktop EnvironmentTM for Linux1, the Lynx Launcher seeks to provide a usable, clean and distraction-free user experience.


1Lynx Launcher is not associated with the The GNOME Project nor developed or endorsed by it.


User Interface

Lynx Launcher uses a new and unique user interface for navigation which is inspiriert by the Gnome Desktop Environment. You can access your most used apps from the Dock which is placed at right or left site of the screen. Swipe left to see all your applications grouped alphabetically. Swipe right to see and manage your favorite apps and contacts. Swipe down to start a search, or click on the home button to open the Widget Screens.

You can also change many aspects of how you want to navigate by changing the resoective gestures.


Search preview

The In-App search functionality allows you to search for Applications, Contacts and Settings on your Smartphone. You can also type in a simple mathematical equation to have it solved.
Additionally you can redirect your search query to a selection of web search engines, including Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, or Yandex or directly to Google Play.

You can of course configure on which screen you want to see the search bar. By default it will be only shown on the home screen.

Theming & Dark Mode

Lynx Launcher is fully themable. Every part of the launcher can be themed to your liking, including icons, color, background, buttons and more. You can also choos to used different themes for different parts of the launcher. E.g. the search bar can use a different theme than the dock or the context menus. You can find all available themes at the Themes page.

Lynx Launcher also supports a dark mode. When supported by the used theme, you can decide whether you want to use the dark or light mode, or use the mode the system is using. When you have unlocked the Enhanced Features you can also choose to use different dark mode settings for different parts of the launcher and have the option to enable the dark mode automatically depending on sunset and sunrise at your location.

If you want to create your own theme, you can take a look at this GitHub Project: Lynx Launcher Theme
Search preview

More Features2

Application List

Organize your apps alphabetically or by installation date in a grid or in a list. Hide Apps you don't want to see.


Access your favorite applications and contacts with just one swipe to the right.

App Icons

Use installed icon themes, change the shape of your app icons, or choose individual icons per App.

Folder Icons

Use different shapes and previews for your folders. Or use individual colors or icons from icon packs.

Screen Transitions

Choose from a selection of transitions between the screens. From Cube, over Tablet to a simple Slide animation.


Add your favorite Widgets, Shortcuts, Folders or Applications to one or more pages of the Desktop.

2 Some of the described features are only available when the Enhanced Features are unlocked.

News and Major Updates

20.11.2021: Update to

• Added support for polish language
• Improved search to ignore umlauts for easier searches
• Multiple Bug fixes

03.07.2021: Update to 1.3.0

• Added option to customize shortcuts
• Added five new icon shapes
• Added option to hide page indicators
• Added option to hide app labels in favorites screen
• Deleting an entry can now be undone
• Individual custom app icons are now possible in the free version
• Performance Improvements
• Bug fixes

28.02.2021: Update to 1.2.4

• Added option to hide the dock
• Added option to hide the status bar
• The search bar can now be placed at the bottom
• You can now remove and exclude apps from the favorites
• Added option for multiple lines for app labels
• Performance Improvements
• Bug fixes

15.02.2021: Open Beta for Lynx Launcher

You are now able to get the latest features of Lynx Launcher earlier by joining the open Beta-Test group. Please keep in mind that there can still be undiscovered bugs or incomplete translations in the beta version.

13.02.2021: Lynx Launcher now has a Discord Community

Discuss topics related to Lynx Launcher, share your screen or get help in the new Discord community.

24.01.2021: Update to 1.1.5

• Performance Improvements
• Bug fixes

31.12.2020: New Theme released!

A new theme has been released for Lynx Launcher!
The new theme is called Minty Theme for Lynx Launcher:

The Minty Theme is held in minty green colors and is inspired by the design of the Linux Mint Desktop Environment

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