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What will be added?

The items listed in this roadmap are currently not available in Lynx Launcher but are planned to be added at some time in the future. This roadmap is subject to change and there is no guarantee that the features listed here will added or are added in the in the order in which they are listed here. There is no ETA for any of the listed features.
  • Shortcuts in favorites:
    Optional setting to also include frequently used shortcuts in the favorites
  • Change default clock to be a widget:
    The default clock should be a widget, so that it can be moved, scaled or removed from the home screen.
  • Fonts
    Support to change the font of the texts shown in the launcher.
  • Custom sorting of apps on the app screen
    Let the user choose how the application in the "All Apps" screen should be sorted.
  • More Themes
    Currently there are only three themes available for the Lynx Launcher. This will change in the future. If you have some programming experince, you can also create a theme yourself. See here to learn more: Lynx Launcher Theme
  • Accessibility support
    Because of time restrictions the support for full accessibility did not make it into the first public version of this App. However this support is a strong candidate to be added.

Available in beta version

The features listed below are currently available in the beta version of Lynx Launcher
  • Customization of screen layout
    Customize the position of the screens or choose to not show them at all
  • Customizable vertical screen transitions
    Choose how the vertical screen transition animations look like
  • Partial support for Android 12 widget features
    Reworked widget selection screen with search option and added settings to apply rounded corners to all widgets


Some features were planned in the past but the priority shifted to other features that were requested more frequently. It is unclear if and when these feature might be added.
  • More animations for dock and searchbar
    Currently the animations for the search bar and the dock are fixed. In the future it should be possible to chose from a variety of animations when they are hidden or shown.
  • App categories in the app screen
    Let the user group apps by categories in the "All Apps" screen.

What will not be added?

For some features it is not possible to add them to the launcher for various reasons, like API restrictions from Android. Features that will not be added to the Lynx Launcher are listed here.
  • Google Now Feed
    Google does not officially support the Google Now Feed outside of the Google and Pixel Launchers. There are workarounds that prooved to work reliably but need the usage of inofficial API. Therefore the user would need to install additional App outsite of Google Play which may be a security issue. Therefore it was decided to not add this feature for now, but this may change at a later point.
  • Seamless integration of Recent Screen
    The seamless integration of the recent screen is normally only available in the default launcher of your device. It would require a rootet device and API that is not officially supported to achieve this feature unless Google opens the API to the public.
  • Gesture Navigation from Android 10 in older versions of Android
    The gestures navigation is a integral part of the Android operating sytem and cannot be ported back.


The features listed below have been added in previous releases and are now available.
  • Customization options for shortcuts
    Added in version 1.3.0
  • Hide the dock and the status bar
    Added in version 1.2.0
  • Allow placement of searchbar on bottom
    Added in version 1.2.0
  • Support for work profiles
    Added in version 1.1.3
  • Paged scrolling on the "All Apps" screen
    Added in version 1.1.0